Wood Fence in NanaimoWhat You Need To Know About Wood Fencing

Our team at One Stop Fencing have over 30 years of carpentry experience behind us.  When it comes to building wood fences you can trust us whether it is custom lattice or standard good neighbor fencing.

We stock a large selection of wood fence panels or can custom make the pickets for you.

There is a lot to consider when building a wood fence.  First of all is choosing the size and style of fence that you need.  Depending on the need for your yard the height of the fence is a crucial element.  If you do not need a decorative element then simple is better.

You are also going to need to consider the type of lumber.  Lumber can come in Cyprus pine, fir, or spruce, or cedar.  You want to look for a wood that has a premium or clear grade.   These are better than standard, or quality grade wood. The most bang for your buck is the construction or select grades.  Pine, fir and spruce are recommend for affordability and durability. Note you should ensure the wood is pretreated for termites and other insects. Cedar and cypress have natural chemicals and oils which are a deterrent for insects.  However the cost are middle of the road to high for cypress.  The most expensive is redwood, however it is the most durable.

Whether to go with pre made panels or pickets is another decision to make.  Premade panels are usually cheaper, and in fact can be better quality as they are manufactured and will have a uniform build.  However, you cannot customize them with handmade pickets.

When building a wood fence you need to understand the type of stain and sealer that you will need.  Any good fence can last 15-20 years plus if it is well maintained and sealed or stained every 5 years.  Talk to our experts to let you know the maintenance of each wood.

Lastly you are going to want to choose high quality hardware.  The last thing you want is rusting or stained cheap metal. 

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What Next?

So we hope you are more informed and educated about choosing a wood fence.  You should feel confident talking to any installer or fence builder. 

We want you to sit back and relax and enjoy that backyard.  We know your vision and want to help.  Give us a call at  anytime for a free quote.  

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