Why Vancouver BC is the Best City to Do Business in Canada

Vancouver BC – The Best City to Do Business in Canada

City Profile

Vancouver BC is the biggest city in the region of the British Columbia, Canada. It’s Population is 2.5 million. Vancouver BC is one of the world’s most habitable cities and also the Best City to Do Business in Canada, and in the world. Also it is a top startup city been ranked by the Startup Compass. Vancouver BC is the third greenest city in the world.


Why Vancouver BC is the Best City to Do Business in Canada

All company have its principles for a required and desired location, for its business. An exporter, by difference, will utilize cost advantages such as low priced space and electricity. Organizations that are requiring specialized expertise will need to get closer to a big city. All enterprises gains benefits from the access to suitably qualified staffs, and reasonable taxation. Vancouver has the leading developing economy in Canada, due to its success in the international financial services industry. Among Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, KPMG stated that “in the industry of international financial services which is a strong cause of competition, Vancouver is ranked ahead of both Canadian cities”.

Vancouver Economic Action Strategy

A flourishing economy with opportunity for all the people is the foundation of a habitable city. Council of Vancouver has highlighted a number of resourcefulness to support and strengthen local business, which provides the recourses for Vancouver’s businesses life to embellishment while integrating supportable practices, and also makes the Vancouver a striking destination for different businesses all round the world.


Vancouver Economic Action Strategies for a high-performing economy are:


  • Creating a healthy climate for growth and prosperity of its inhabitants.
  • Provision of support for local business, new investment, and global trade.
  • Focusing on individuals to attract and retain human capital.
  • Tourism is a major component to the business attractions, especially Granville Island. One of the most beautiful harbour destinations in Canada.


Advantages of doing business in Vancouver BC.

  • Vancouver BC is one of the city that has the most globally competitive tax managements with low rates and substantial refundable R&D incentives.
  • Vancouver BC is endowed with first class infrastructural facilities they have the best airport in   North America’s , also  an exceptional public transit system ,  even the fastest broadband speeds all over the world.
  • Vancouver BC is the closest to major port to Asia which is one of the world’s best naturally deep water harbors and also the key international transportation center.
  • In North America, Vancouver BC has the lowest energy rates, which is mainly derived from pure and clean energy.
  • Vancouver BC is one of top 10 lowest risk cities all over the world in recruiting, employing, and redeploying business abilities and talents.
  • Vancouver is an attraction for global skills, talents and investment which attracts over half of a billion dollars in venture capital annually.
  • The distance between Vancouver BC and the United States is within a 1 hour drive.


If you are contemplating on a vigorous and prosperous country to invest, innovate, grow or expand your business on the world stage, Vancouver BC, Canada is the best choice!
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