Pros And Cons Of Man Made Fences

Pros And Cons of Fences

We call ourselves one stop fencing because we provide you with expertise in every type of fencing that is available.  The majority of our work is chain link and wood however keep reading to learn the pros and cons of three other types of fences, wood composite, PVC, aluminum and wrought iron.

Wood Composite Fence:

Man-made materials such as wood composite are a good choice for longevity and give you that almost wood like appearance.  The boards are made of a sawdust and plastic blend with solid wood posts and rails.

Pros: Warranty can run 20 to 25 years.  You can choose a variety of wood like colors

Cons: Posts must be set in cement each 6 feet, which implies additional digging and labor cost.

Cost: Will be $15 – $50 per linear for for a 6 foot tall panel.

Vinyl Fence:

Vinyl that good old petroleum based sheen.

Pros: Warranty can last 20 years to lifetime.  No repair needed, just an occasional wash.

Cons: Colors are limited to white or beige; resembles plastic and may not fit with the décor; can crack over time.

Costs: $12-$50 per linear foot for a 6 foot tall panel.

Ornamental Fence:

Ornamental or decorative fences, are very popular today. They are made from a steel, aluminum or fiberglass and made to look like wrought iron. 

Pros: Lifetime warranty; can be painted any color; very strong

Cons: No privacy; all posts need to be set in concrete; can rust over time

Cost: Start at $25 per linear foot for aluminum or fiberglass; about $16 for steel.

How to Install

You could go to the store and buy any of the above right off the shelf.  If you have a strong back and the proper tools you will be able to do it yourself.  You can definitely save yourself a lot of money in doing so.  However if you want to do it quickly and efficiently the easiest way is to call One Stop Fencing.  We will come to your home and make all measurements and necessary install.  Usually we can have the job done within a week and save you the time to spend with your friends or family.

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